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Binders for Ruskystamps Russia stamp album pages

Binder options...

I chose my album page size (sized 240mm x 282mm) so that these would fit many commercial 3-ring, 4-ring and some springback binders. For my own collection, I chose 22-ring padded philatelic binders. These have a VERY reliable ring mechanism and the multiple rings allow the pages to open up really easily without pages catching on the rings; and pages fold flat making browsing so easy and enjoyable.

The padded binders I use are from leatherette material. I chose red for obvious reasons(!) and have added spine labels produced by a Brother label printer. I am also consdering having produced gold or white foil Russian crests for the covers.

The slipcases ensure that the albums are stored vertically to help keep the stamps in great condition. Stamp albums should NEVER be stored lying flat.


Page size determines binder choices...

Keeping to one of the common philatelic page sizes (240mm x 282mm; 9.4" x 11.1") opens up several binder choices. I have 16x identical red 22-ring binders in slipcases housing my 1858 to 1991 collection - Russian Empire to end USSR). However, another excellent quality binder is the very smart looking Lighthouse (Leuchtturm) Grande Classic binder (shown below in 4 colours) - these are available in 3-ring and 4-ring types primarily to target the Euopean and North American markets.

The 22-ring binders typically accomodate a maximum of around 60 pages (160 gsm pages); the Grande Classic being thicker will take 100+ pages. Both binder types are commercially available on the market with matching slipcases and choice of colour.

Binders for Ruskystamps Russia stamp album pages     Springback binder

Another option for the 240mm x 282mm page size would be to use springback binders where the pages are clamped into a strong, sprung-loaded spine. Not quite so easy to fit extra pages or move pages around but they don't rely on any mechanism to secure the pages - just friction. Also commercially  available in a variety of sizes and styles.

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